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Indie Comics Spotlight: Creator Corner with Seth Levens: Origamiac

Get Origamic!  Following in the irreverent spirit of Deadpool, The Tick, and Squirrel Girl, it’s Origamiac—the shape-shifting superhero who’s a piece of sheet! The compilation issue of this five-part “ungraphic novel” series* recounts the complete adventures of Orson “Orry” Thitchafer, from relative anonymity to reluctant celebrity. Starting with his origin story of transforming into loose-leaf paper, the action transitions to Orry’s recruitment by Dr. Seethesome’s evil enterprise known as MALefactory. When Orry discovers MALefactory’s nefarious bent, he seeks out a group of do-gooders, only to become frustrated and disillusioned by the limited scope of their goals (think apprehending jaywalkers). Returning to MALefactory in the hope of changing its mission to goodness, Orry joins an idealistic presidential campaign supported by the company—or so he thinks. Dr. Seethesome eventually spins the election toward the opposing candidate, a politician he can manipulate to bring his master plan for malevolence to life. But an unforeseen failure causes Dr. Seethesome to resort to his fail-safe, an initiative designed to wipe humanity from the planet. Will Orry save the day? And if he does, can Orry survive a final showdown with a nemesis he never saw coming? Special note: The content of this series is satirical and not for kids nor those who are easy to offend—and maybe not even for those who are hard to offend. *An ungraphic novel proceeds panel by panel like a classic comic book, except the imagery traditionally portrayed via penciling, inking, and coloring is instead expressed through words. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this story proves it (actually, per panel, just tens of words)! (less) If you want to talk with Tony about comics or to suggest any future  shows, please connect with him online and send him an email at --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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