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Mandatory Music and CD: Extreme II: Pornograffitti by Extreme

Review by Steve Huey from All Music: Extreme came into its own on the concept album Pornograffitti, with the  band's strongest set of songs and an intellectual theme revolving around  the struggle for genuine love and romance in a sleazy, decadent society  full of greed and corruption. The band shows a strong desire to  experiment and push the boundaries of the pop-metal format, adding a  funky horn section on "Get the Funk Out" and displaying progressive  compositional leanings throughout, and virtuoso Nuno Bettencourt puts down his guitar for the enjoyable pseudo-lounge piano ballad of  "When I First Kissed You." But of course, the album is best known for  its two acoustic-guitar-only hits, the number one ballad "More Than  Words" and the equally fine full-band rocker "Hole Hearted." Other  highlights include "Decadence Dance" and "Song for Love. Please follow the show on Twitter. If you want to email the show we can be reached at Let us know how you rate Physical Graffiti If it is the best album you've ever heard, it goes to Paradise City If it is really good, but not perfect, it spends time with Dr. Feelgood If it is solid, but not perfect, it goes to the Crossroads If it is mostly crap with a hidden gem or two, it goes to Skid Row If it is the worst album ever, it goes directly to Hotel California for all eternity where you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. #mandatorymusicandcd --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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