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Indie Comics Spotlight: Creator Corner with Alyson Shelton: Reburn Comic

Tony and Ria are joined by Alyson Shelton, Writer of Reburn. Click here to get a copy and see the whole team.  In the future, Catastrophic floods hit our planet which leave behind massive destruction and a woman they name, May. Super-powered and ready to fight, she joins forces with a woman who calls herself Hope. Hope longs to create a place where differences no longer exist, where all people band together to become one, The Unity. Our story picks up years later. After fighting to help establish The Unity, people aren’t certain if May is dead or alive. Hope is well-established as the “servant and leader.” What was once a glorious ideal now controls all in the pursuit of power. Prism Industries and its CEO, Grey, provide Hope with the “protocols" -- a tranquilizer drug -- as well as a young army of soldiers bred from May’s super-powered DNA and any other tech necessary to keep the majority of its citizens peaceful and uncurious. Issue #1, THE HIDEAWAY, sets off a series of events that gives the followers of the folk hero known as “Our Lady May” hope that the oppressive Unity can finally be destroyed. REBURN Issue #2, THE PLAINS, follows our heroine, MAY, as she steps forward to reclaim her life, find her daughters and begin to understand the scope of her legacy and powers. After being liberated by the Resistance, by Skye, Mercy and Forest, they take off on horseback to The Plains and into the lives of a whole new cast of allies, including the first appearance of POPPY, a character inspired by actress and filmmaker, Laura Vandervoort (THE HANDMAIDS TALE, BITTEN). Issue #3 “THE CITADEL” follows Skye in the days before his life-changing reunion with May. We learn about his relationship with Hope, meet Reverence and see what makes The Citadel tick. Have you wondered if there’s more to Mercy’s story? There is and Issue #3 will reveal a key part of her background. Issue #4 “FAMILY” digs deep in what it’s like being a part of May’s family. We learn more about the inner workings of Prism Labs and there are some truly awesome fight scenes, twists and reveals. The end of the first arc answers many of your questions while asking new ones, setting up the second arc. Follow Femme on Film on Twitter @FemmeOnFilmPod and Ria @riacarrogan and get in touch if there’s a film you would like to talk about! Femme on Film is a place to talk about films made for women, about women, by women… just awesome lady folk (and those who identify as awesome lady folk) content that has often been unfairly maligned, misunderstood by critics, and are often way ahead of their time and need a revisit. Ria and a guest discuss all of this and much more! A huge thank you to the Comics in Motion network who has given space to create this podcast. If you would like to come and chat about a film for Femme on Film, drop a message via Twitter. Intro and outro music: Say You Will by Shane Ivers - If you want to talk with Tony about comics or to suggest any future shows, please connect with him online and send him an email at --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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