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Star Wars: Comics In Canon - Ep 93: Unforeseen Feelings, Qort’s History & The Galactic Bake-Off (High Republic Adventures #9-13 & Bake-Off)

AS THE PADAWANS GROW IN STRENGTH, AS DO THE NIHIL! The finale of the High Republic Adventures comics is here as Mike tackles the final issues and the Galactic Bake-Off Spectacular! In these comics Mike takes you through Qort’s origin story, a deepening connection between Zeen Mrala & Lula Talisola, the Great Jedi Rumble Race, the Nihil conspiring and a special cooking story, plus information on the Aloxian, Er’Kit & Nuna species, the Krell Sisters, loadlifter droids & more! These High Republic comics are set in 230BBY, in the first phase & third wave of the High Republic, just before The Fallen Star. The High Republic Adventures 9 was released 6th October 2021, issue 13 was released 23rd February 2022, the Galactic Bake-Off Spectacular was released 19th January 2022 and the trade paperback collection is yet to be announced. Daniel José Older is the writer of these comics, with help from Vita Ayala on the Bake-Off Spectacular one-shot. Rebecca Nalty was the colour artist on all comics. Harvey Tolibao was artist on issues 11-13, Pow Rodrix helped with the art on issue 12, Toni Bruno was artist for issues 9, 10 & the Bake-Off while Jo Geyong was co-artist & co-colour artist on the Bake-Off. Mike tackled the first volume of High Republic Adventures comics in ep 86 of SWCIC and vol 2 in ep 90. He tackled the first volume of High Republic comics (by Cavan Scott) in episode 84 of SWCIC, with vol 2 in episode 88 and vol 3 in ep 92. Mike’s High Republic book reviews are found on Comics In Motion’s feed and on Mike’s YouTube: Light Of The Jedi was released March 13th 2021, A Test Of Courage: August 14th 2021, Into The Dark: October 2nd 2021, The Rising Storm: November 13th 2021, Race To Crashpoint Tower: February 5th 2022 and Out Of The Shadows was released 19th March 2022. The Fallen Star review was released 23rd April 2022 and the last two books; Mission To Disaster & Midnight Horizon will be reviewed over the coming months. Last week, Mike released a spoiler-free book review for Claudia Gray’s The Fallen Star; last of the adult novels for the first phase of The High Republic. The book is set after The Rising Storm in the third wave of the High Republic’s first phase, set at the same time as Mission to Disaster & Midnight Horizon! To listen to one of Mike’s Patreon episodes for free, check out the first in Mike & Megan’s Tom Hanks rewatch here: For more exclusive content, including book reviews on Last Shot & Dark Disciple plus the Legends books Shatterpoint & Darth Plagueis, check out Mike’s Patreon, where he releases episodes of these in his weekly “Afterthoughts” show and more, so check it out at Please subscribe to Mike’s YouTube channel as once we get 100 subscribers, we can change the YouTube channel link: Mike returned to Star Wars Timeline to talk about accents in the Star Wars universe, they discuss the original trilogy here: & the prequel trilogy here: Outro read by BZ The Voice: Intro theme arranged by Mike Burton, backing music by Eric Matyas at --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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