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Star Wars: Spoiler-Free Book Review – The Fallen Star By Claudia Gray - The High Republic Era (Phase 1, Wave 3)

It’s time for another spoiler-free book review from the High Republic era! This book is the last of the adult novels for the first phase; it’s The Fallen Star by Claudia Gray! This book is set after The Rising Storm in the third wave of the High Republic’s first phase, set at the same time as Mission to Disaster & Midnight Horizon (which Mike will be tackling in the near future)! In more detail, Mike begins by confirming where TFS sits in the High Republic timeline, as well as providing some background information to the book and Claudia Gray before providing his spoiler-free thoughts on the book. Mike then reads the blurb & crawl of the book and gives his thoughts on the themes & characters which features some minor spoilers, including some tidbits of information. After providing these thoughts, Mike finishes his review by providing more-detailed thoughts on the book, it’s ending and confirming the general plot. This is a perfect review for anyone interested in the final adult novel of the High Republic’s first phase; whether you are soon to read it, or have already finished it! The Fallen Star was released January 4th 2022 and is by Claudia Gray. For The High Republic, she also wrote the young adult novel Into The Dark (Phase 1, Wave 1). She also wrote the non-High-Republic SW books Master & Apprentice, Lost Stars, Leia: Princess Of Alderaan and Bloodline. Mike interviewed Claudia Gray in December of 2020, you can listen on the feed of Comics In Motion, Genuine Chit-Chat or on GCC’s YouTube channel – Mike also spoke with fellow High Republic architect Cavan Scott in April 2022 which can be found in the same places (YouTube has their conversation with video)! The Fallen Star is the adult novel of the third wave of the High Republic’s first phase along with the young adult novel Midnight Horizon and the junior novel Mission To Disaster, all set in 230BBY. Phase 2 will start in October 2022 and is set 150 years before the first phase. Mike has reviewed all books from the first & second waves of phase 1, which are Light Of The Jedi (reviewed March 2021), A Test Of Courage (August ‘21) & Into The Dark (October ‘21) and The Rising Storm (November ‘21), Race To Crashpoint Tower (February ‘22) & Out Of The Shadows (March ’22). In the previous release of SWCIC (ep 92), Mike embarks on the finale of the High Republic comics, which is the third volume, called The Jedi’s End - it takes place just before The Fallen Star. In these comics Keeve faces the true face of fear in The Leveler while Sskeer loses his connection to the force, plus Avar Kriss is relentlessly pursuing Lourna Dee at any cost. Amidst this story, Mike also gives additional information on the Frozian, Ugor and Latero species! To listen to another Patreon episode for free, check out the first in Mike & Megan’s Tom Hanks rewatch here: For more exclusive content, including book reviews on Last Shot & Dark Disciple plus the Legends books Shatterpoint & Darth Plagueis, check out Mike’s Patreon, where he releases episodes of these in his weekly “Afterthoughts” show and more, so check it out at Mike returned to Star Wars Timeline to talk about accents in the Star Wars universe, they discuss the original trilogy here: & the prequel trilogy here: Outro read by BZ The Voice: Intro theme arranged by Mike Burton, backing music by Eric Matyas at --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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