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Superheroes For Dummies Ep25 - Wolverine

It's episode 26 of "Superheroes For Dummies" featuring Wolverine. Superheroes For Dummies is a podcast where a comics novice with an interest in finding out more, a comics related movie/TV/game fan, and a comics specialist (or two) answer questions about the characters YOU want to know more about. This episode is hosted by Paul McGuigan, Daniel Belgrave and Steve J. Ray. The show is produced, mixed, and edited by Adam Ray. Please contact us on Twitter: @PaulDaMac @Dark_Ronin84 @Scottweatherly @20thCenturyGeek @IzzetTinkerer "Theme Music" by Professor Elemental and Tom Caruana. Please check out and for more information. You can find the DC Comics News Podcast, Mad Love: The Harley Quinncast, I Am The Night and The Spinner Rack here Find Mandatory Marvel/DC Podcast, The Indie Comics Spotlight, Classic Comics, The VHS Strikes Back, and a whole host of other great shows at,Dave%20Horrocks%20and%20Chris%20Phelps. Reading List: Logan: Wolverine - by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller Weapon-X Wolverine: Origin Origin II The Death Of Wolverine Hunt For Wolverine Old Man Logan All-New Wolverine: Vol 1: The Four Sisters Vol 2: Civil War II Vol 3: Enemy Of The State II Vol 4: Immune Vol 5: Orphans Of X Vol 6: Old Woman Laura --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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