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Give the Praise (with Jason Mayden)

This week on Professional Troublemaker, Luvvie is in conversation with legendary shoe-designer and President of Fear of God Athletics, Jason Mayden. In this episode, they discuss Jason’s journey from designing girl’s names in bubble letters to designing shoes for Nike at 21. Jason and Luvvie talk all about Imposter Syndrome, the urge to give into it, and the realization of belonging in a room. They also delve into Jason's design process and the importance of the narrative when coming up with fresh ideas. Jason describes Professional Troublemaking as being an accomplice--not an ally---and believes the world needs Professional Troublemakers in order to take risks and say the inconvenient thing at the inconvenient time. Kick back in your favorite kicks and enjoy this episode of Professional Troublemaker with iconic Chicagoan, Jason Mayden.

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