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Bonus Bite - Using Vision Accessibility

In this Bonus Bite, Simon is joined by David Olney (Human Performance Consultant / Uni Lecturer / Podcaster) to discuss the importance of Apple’s Vision Accessibility - an area most people know little about.  Almost completely blind since birth, David discusses how life-changing Apple technology is for those with vision impairment. By using touch and voice, David reveals how iOS assists with daily tasks and interactions; ultimately improving his independence. Learn something new about the products you love - it’s a must-listen Bonus Bite by Apple Slice! Part of the Auscast Network More details at SPECIAL GUEST - DAVID OLNEY Based in Adelaide (South Australia), David is a former Associate Lecturer at The University of Adelaide and current Associate at SAGE International Australia. As a Human Performance Consultant, David trains people and teams to embrace and apply creative problem solving. Listen to his podcasts: BLIND INSIGHTS (co-hosted with Tim Whiffen on Auscast Network) STRATEGIKON (co-hosted with Dr. John Bruni) Follow David: Connect on LinkedIn

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