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WGTA S5E22: What Will WGTA Look Like In 2022?

This pod's a bit different than normal, as within we give an update on what WGTA will be like in 2022.Unfortunately, FPL Stag is leaving in March after 2 years on the pod due to work and life commitments taking their toll - he'll still be around for a bit, but we thought we'd break the news now we had an opportunity to do.In his place, we've got 3 (sort of) newcomers to the pod:- Nick is returning on a semi-regular basis!- Brilliant recent guest FPL Harry is joining from March until the end of the season- And the excellent Lucy Highnett will be joining full time as co-host from next campaignFollowing this, we also had a quick roundtable about how 2021/22 has moved thus far and how things may change going into the second half of the season, covering things like lessons learnt, key things to note and possible chip strategies given where we are in the unique current circumstances.Back next week for a full fat pod on the 200 club at the halfway point! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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