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EP 183 Special Education and The Gentleman in the Grey Suit With Eldorado Anderson

In Episode 183, I had the opportunity to have a talk with Eldorado Anderson, the best-selling author of The Gentleman in the Grey and special education teacher and case manager for Dream Life Works. We talked about his book and how it differentiates itself from the norm of classic novels. Eldorado briefly shares what the book is about and what the story aims to teach and tell the youth about enlightenment. We discuss about how the book plays a part in special education, especially for the minorities. If you a want a copy of his book, you may get a copy at amazon or email him at for a cheaper copy! You may also reach out to him on social media @eldorado_anderson. 2:05 – Brief Background about Eldorado and his Book The Gentlemen in the Grey Suit 4:15 - The Gentlemen in the Grey Suit’s Synopsis 8:35 – Special Education’s Influence on the Book 15:00 – What The Book Does for the Student Support Framework 19:05 –The Gentlemen in the Grey Suit Part Two’s Synopsis 21:20 – The Future of the Guild Series

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