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EP 181 Creating Access And Equity In Education With Jennifer Velez

In Episode 181, Jennifer Velez and I talk about creating access and equity in education. We start off with how the schools address diversity and racism towards minorities. We discuss how education is one of the best ways to make progress towards inclusion by teaching the kids history and social emotional learning. In this episode, we teach you how to start your journey towards diversity equity & inclusion. One of them is Elizabeth Leiba on Linkedin as she kicks off her course called Black Culture Academy. Lastly, you can also find Jennifer Velez on Linkedin. 3:40 – How Do Schools Address Minorities and Diversity 10:35 – Racism in America versus the World 13:30 – Jennifer Velez on Making An Impact Through Education 16:20 –Starting Your Journey on Creating Access and Equity 19:40 – Key Resources on Diversity Equity and Inclusion

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