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EP 177 SEL Is For You Too with Tre' Gammage

Episode 177 features a brand new solo series with myself, Tre Gammage. In this episode, I talk about a lack of SEL training for all adults, which includes college students, teachers, and the general public. I emphasize how important it is for adults to have the proper SEL training so that we can reach out to our kids better. I also mention the historical foundation of SEL and how far it’s become ever since its birth. You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn @tregammage to know more about SEL. 2:40 – A New Normal in Education 4:00 – Proper SEL Training in Only One State 6:40 – Pro-Social Classroom Framework 8:15 – Problems in Teacher Competence 9:45 - Definition of SEL Competencies 13:08 – SEL’s Historical Foundation 16:45 – Adult Social Emotional Learning

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