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EP 176 SEL Research in Minoritized Communities with Dr. Tia Barnes

Episode 176 features Dr. Tia Barnes, a SEL researcher that focuses on culturally responsive methods. Dr. Tia and I talk about how there is a lack of diversity in the educational system and especially in SEL. She shares her thoughts about how there should be more opportunity for the minority as cultural appropriation is essential in the development of young kids. Dr Tia also shares her thoughts about self-care and several others experiences from her podcast. You may reach out to Dr. Tia Barnes through through her instagram @drtiabarnes, her twitter @drtianbarnes, and her Podcast called The Scholarly Self Care Podcast. 3:58 – Dr. Tia Barnes on Self Care 11:22 – Dr Barnes Shares Self Care Experiences 13:11 – SEL Research in Minoritized Communities 17:17 - Opportunities in Education 21:50 – Schools Were Not Built For the Minority 26:45 – Diversity in the Education Industry 29:40 – More Efforts for SEL for the Minority

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