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EP 175 Relationships And Community Circles With Staci Yaminishi

Episode 175 features Staci Yamanishi, a middle school teacher with 6 years of teaching experience and a proud advocate of Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Staci and I talk about how important SEL is and how it helps build the foundation of all the kids. Staci explains how she incorporates SEL into her teaching style and the various effects SEL has on the kids afterwards. She also talks about how SEL lacks support from several school districts and she highlights how crucial it is for middle school students to develop correctly with the SEL curriculum. You may reach out to Staci Yamanishi through her instagram @donutlovinteacher or her blog at 2:43 – Staci Yamanishi’s Background 5:05 – Staci in Education 9:30 – Forming Relationships through Teaching 13:00 – SEL and Community Circles 19:00 – Lack of SEL in the School Curriculum 21:00 – Focusing on Academics and SEL in 2020 23:36 – SEL in other Districts 27:30 – Importance of Teaching in 2020

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