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E: 31 S: 15 Win Charles interviews BETSY Wurzel on being a retired LPN and Teacher's Aide

Ask Win: Ask Win sponsor: Please donate to Ask Win by going to Payment Venmo Win1195 at Win Kelly Charles’ Books: Win Kelly Charles' MONAT:   On Ask Win today (Thursday, January 19, 2023), Best-Selling Author, Win C welcomes Betsy Wurzel. Betsy is a retired LPN and  Teacher's Aide.  Betsy is a mom of an adult son  with a cognitive  disability. Betsy didn't  know she was an advocate  for her son but she had to stand my ground  for Josh to get what he needed. Betsy never heard about Alzheimer's until  het mom in law was diagnosed  in 2000. There wasn't much information at that time. Betsy took care of her mom in law for 5 years  before  she was placed. That was 5 difficult  years. Betsy’s dad also had Alzheimer's. In 2010, Betsy’s husband Matt  was diagnosed with  Early Onset Alzheimer's. Matt's journey  changed her life! Betsy became an advocate found her voice, gifts and my power! Betsy went in her car to do videos to  raise awareness on Early Onset Alzheimer's.  BetsyI talked about caregiving. Betsy showed  Matt's journey. It was a battle  from getting  a diagnosis  to receiving  proper  end of life care. In June 2018, Jeanne White, Station Manager of Passionate World Talk Radio  saw one of Betsy’s videos and asked Betsy for an interview! Jeanne  asked  Betsy to speak on her show. After 13 months, Betsy was given  her own show. Betsy interview anyone about any topic! In February 2019, Betsy created and Founded #Kick Alzheimer's Ass Movement Group on Facebook. No one  should ever walk this journey alone during caregiving or after caregiving! In November 2021, BetsyI was nominated and received the Caregiving Visionary Advocate Award from Betsy promised  Matt that she would  continue on with her work. Betsy’s mission and vision is to help others by providing resources and to let  people know  they are not alone! To learn more about Betsy visit a rel="payment"...

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