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Win Charles interviews Lindsay Sutherland on her dream life

Ask Win: Please donate to Ask Win by going to Payment Venmo Win1195 at Win Kelly Charles’ Books: Win Kelly Charles' MONAT:   On Ask Win today (Friday, January 8, 2021), Best-Selling Author, Win C welcomes Lindsay Sutherland. After losing her mother and father well before their time, Lindsay learned the valuable lesson of "there is no guarantee of someday." She was tired of working in her high stress corporate job and she wanted to live a more serene life - her dream life - to live in a log cabin in the woods and raise her kids in a small town. Fueled by her inner drive to live her best life she and her family of 7 moved across three states with no potential jobs lined up or certainty of any kind.  She did not know how it was going to happen or when, but using 3 specific steps she and her husband created this experience. Her mission is to live the most meaningful purposeful life possible and to help others do the same. To learn more about Lindsay visit

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