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E: 7 S: 13 Win Charles interviews Shari Foos on being a Marriage and Family Therapist

A Winning Cup: Please donate to Ask Win by going to Payment Venmo Win1195 at Win Kelly Charles’ Books: Win Kelly Charles' MONAT:   On A Winning Cup today (Monday, November 29, 2021), Best-Selling Author, Win C welcomes Shari Foos. Shari is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who holds a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles, and a Master of Science in Narrative Medicine from Columbia University. As a sought-after expert on the subjects of relationships and meaningful connection, Shari’s writing and commentary have appeared in a range of online and print publications, including Real Simple, Huffington Post, Thrive, Shondaland, Women’s Health, and Bustle. To learn more about Shari visit

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