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Win Charles interviews Leanna Lee on being a podcaster

Ask Win: Please donate to Ask Win by going to Payment Venmo Win1195 at Win Kelly Charles’ Books: Win Kelly Charles' MONAT:   On Ask Win today (Sunday, November 29, 2020), Best-Selling Author, Win C welcomes Leanna Lee. Leanna is a freelance writer, journalist, podcaster, and speaker and founder of content marketing brand, Lost Lass. Leanna writes about the future of work, tech, and finance for companies and publications around the world. She also speaks about her mental health experiences as a disabled writer and birthmother. She’s passionate about ethical journalism, long-term mental health management, and sustainable freelance businesses (something she’s still learning to build herself!). Her podcast, MxV, co-hosted with international mental health speaker, Mike Veny, offers wellness and business support for freelancers, remote workers, and business owners who struggle with mental health. To learn more about Leanna visit

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