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Sick Kids with Gila Pfeffer

This week we’re talking about (cough, cough) sick kids. Just when you think kids can’t be worse to clean up after, they start sneezing in your face and throwing up in you lap. Yet, somehow their sicknesses make us want to hold them closer. Joining me to break down the topic of sick kids is Gila Pfeffer, a mom of four teenagers who has dealt with all kinds of sicknesses. In our conversation, we talk about daycare germs, kids vomiting in public, how sicknesses change as kids get older, how parents have no fear of getting sick and much more. Gila also talks about moving her family from the United States to London and about some of the differences in health care. This is also a special episode for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Gila is a breast cancer pre-vivor and survivor. Gila talks about her unique story and how it impacted her family. She also shares the advice she gives to other families impacted by breast cancer.

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