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003. Better Together, A Creative Journey With Wedding Photographers Phillip and Eileen Blume

Phillip & Eileen Blume are a creative duo who are leaders in the photography community.  WPPI and being featured on Creative Live are just a few recent stops for these creative wedding photographers.  They also have generously offered a free course of how to make $1500 per hour with mini sessions.   Phillip & Eileen Blume INSTAGRAM - @phillipblume WEBSITE - For Photographers -   Special Offer From The Blumes!! INFO to share: Celebrate the Fourth of July (and get better prepared than ever for portrait season!) by downloading this amazing FREE course now! For a very limited time, the Blumes are gifting us video access to download their popular class, Maximizing Mini Sessions: Make $1500 Per Hour. (Info and download at: How can you earn over $1500 per hour with mini-sessions?! Maximizing mini sessions is not only possible; it's a simple, solid formula photographers are applying successfully to every aspect of their businesses! Last April, Phillip and Eileen Blume (internationally published photographers and speakers) revealed this exceptionally successful strategy to sold-out classrooms at ShutterFest in St. Louis. Here's what their students are saying about this profitable tool:  "Your presentation about mini-sessions was off the hook, man! I look forward to having you and Eileen on Tiffinbox [TV] soon!" - Seshu Badrinath, (host) Tiffinbox TV "We have been poring over the mini session packet, and I cannot thank you enough.. Your mini session info is so incredibly valuable!" - Laura Yang, Laura Yang Photography "Your mini session class at ShutterFest and the [Complete Mini Session] Kit I purchased has helped me so much with restructuring my business! I can't thank you and Eileen enough... You both were so approachable and friendly, and it was such a breath of fresh air to meet photographers who are so willing to openly share their procedures. You have helped me tremendously! Thank you!!!" - Melissa J. Gowen, MJ Gowen Photography

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