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Ancestral Money Trauma: What It Is and How To Heal It

Are you having a hard time moving forward in your business or in your daily life because you can’t discuss money? This is normal when you have an ancestral money trauma. It’s important to tune into it, how your body is responding to it and if it wildly changes your personality. Remember that how you process every experience is subjective, because what overwhelms you, may not overwhelm other people and vice versa. Listen to your body and emotions, don't just let them pass you by. In this episode, we have Vangile Makwakwa, founder of Wealthy Money who is passionate about helping people heal their ancestral money trauma so they can unlock their inner money guru and thrive. She shares with us her experiences/lessons she had around money, and when she thinks ancestral money trauma started for her. She also shares her definition of this type of trauma and her own process where she helps people to heal from it. What you'll hear about in today's episode: Vangile’s definition of ancestral money trauma. What her process is in helping people heal this trauma Her top tip for someone who is dealing with ancestral money trauma For a quick recap of this episode go to http://www.jenhemphill.com/284   Want to get social? Let’s connect more on Instagram @jenhemphill   Grab your copy of My Daily Money Ritual and increase your money confidence here: https://jenhemphill.com/dinero   For all of those financially strong women who want to keep learning and taking control of their finances. Financially Strong Latina La Membresía, enrollment now open! To know more about this membership go to: http://www.jenhemphill.com/membership   The post, Ancestral Money Trauma: What It Is and How To Heal It | HDM 284 appeared first on the Her Dinero Matters Podcast.

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