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Money Mindset Shifts to Value Your Financial Powe

Have you ever stopped to think about how your upbringing has influenced your mindset around money and how this affects your relationship with money? For many of us as Latinas, we grew up seeing our parents working two jobs to make ends meet and were surrounded by the concept that money was scarce. Let's be honest, many of us still struggle with that scarcity mentality popping up in our thoughts even if we have managed to reach a more stable financial journey than the one we lived while growing up.   Money mindset is so important and Ernie G. is here to inspire us into making those money mindset shifts to value our financial power! He shares with us his money story of also growing up with the idea that money was scarce and that saving money was only for rich people and how he has learned to embrace being a King and change his own relationship with money and power. What you'll learn about in today's episode: How to change that poverty mentality that plagues us Why it is important to make money flow How our relationship to our money and our power is always developing How to value yourself as the Reina that you are For a quick recap of this  episode go to http://www.jenhemphill.com/239   Enrollment is now open for the Her Dinero Power Circle. Get a special discount for a limited time using the code FANSONLY. Get all the details here: jenhemphill.com/powercircle   If you want to connect with Ernie G, you can visit www.ErnieG.com   Want to get social? Let’s connect more on Instagram @herdineromatters   The post Money Mindset Shifts to Value Your Financial Power | HDM 239 appeared first on the Her Dinero Matters Podcast.

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