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How This One Thing Will Boost or Plummet Your Belief | HDM 200

In the last episode, we discussed the role belief, mindset, and confidence have in the results we have in our financial life.    This week we dive more into money stories and their impact in our financial life and how they are intertwined with belief, mindset and confidence and vice versa.    What you'll learn about in today's episode: The 2 money stories we all have (but we tend to ignore) and the missing money story we all need How money stories can shape our belief, mindset, and confidence and vice versa One tip to help you make your money stories transform your financial life For a quick recap of this episode go to http://www.jenhemphill.com/200   Have you heard the latest? We have a Cafecito Lounge only available on the Himalaya App. You can learn more about it here: http://www.himalaya.com/Dinero   Enjoy this episode and want more?  Be sure to subscribe and follow on your favorite podcast app so you don’t miss an episode. Ahem, we are big fans of Himalaya.    Want to get social? Let’s connect more on Instagram @herdineromatters     The post How This One Thing Will Boost or Plummet Your Belief | HDM 200 appeared first on the Her Dinero Matters Podcast.

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