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[REPLAY] The 8 Money Conversations No Couple Should Ignore | HDM 173

Money conversations with your significant other is not always an easy task. The reality money conversations are important in a relationship.    In this replay, I share 8 money conversations no couple should ignore.    For a quick recap of this episode go to http://www.jenhemphill.com/173   Not listening to this podcast on the Himalaya app? I have recently partnered up with them (and you know I don’t just partner with just anybody).    Make your playlist, get customized recommendations and more: http://www.himalaya.com/Dinero   Plus, you can join us in the Cafecito Lounge ONLY FOUND ON THE HIMALAYA APP where you will have access to…   ✔️Open office hours to ask me your pressing money questions! ✔️A deeper discussion on the latest episode  ✔️Our monthly money challenges    Try a month for free using the code DINERO (this offer is for a limited time only).    Have you not grabbed my book? You can do so by searching Her Money Matters on Amazon OR  using this link: https://www.jenhemphill.com/book 

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